Monday, 27 February 2012


Tomorrow's D-Day and we go into hospital to be induced.  We've got to nearly 39 weeks but our smaller twin isn't growing as much as they should be so we're giving things a helping hand.  Can't believe we've made it to only a week off our due date.  Everything's packed and sorted, bar our heads which are still coming to terms with our impending new life as a big family of five instead of a little one of three.  I went to see The Artist this morning to try and take my mind off tomorrow but sadly the lack of dialogue proved to be not quite as distracting as I'd have liked.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Day 1 - 18.02.12

I'm Julie, a working mum of one from London, wife to landscape gardener Justin, and expecting twins any day now.  18 months ago, we changed our lives completely by escaping London for country life, the novelty of which is yet to fade.  We both divide our work lives between the red soil of Herefordshire and the Big Smoke and enjoy having a foot in both camps: a bumpkin urbanite is how I describe myself these days.

I'm a PR consultant currently on maternity leave, so missing writing, I've started this blog.  I'll be chatting about our new life with twins and a four year old, life in the countryside (which is still a new and lovely novelty to us despite my husband's farming roots and my diehard London-ness), and general goings-on in and around our beloved family home, 'Bumpkin Towers'.

Hope you like it,